Hey, would help me get past 100 subs on Youtube so the algorithm actually start suggesting my videos to other viewers. They don't give you a custom URL either without 100 subs, just jumbled up letters and numbers which makes it hard to share. Thanks ! 😁

This is actually my fifth monkey. I did three others, after the original prototype (2011) for my nieces and nephew back in 2016. Those three are finished with natural dyes (beet juice, coffee and chlorophyll) and pure tung oil.

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One last old project... This one is a toy monkey puppet I did for my niece back in 2019. It's finished with food colouring, beeswax and mineral oil. That's why it's not as shiny as my regular non food-safe carvings.

A side project I started a few months ago when I bought a Nidavellir detail knife blade from Green Haven Forge. I finished carving the goblin head a few days ago.youtu.be/zALqpcdtwok

Last post for past projects. I'll upload new stuff after that. Those are my favorite carving knives. I made the handles on my lathe and carved the heads.

Olive wood pipe. The teeth and stitches are painted but the rest is all natural with just a beeswax and carnauba was finish. The stem is acrylic.

The showcase video I did for the Brown Jenkin carving. If you want to help, please subscribe to my Youtube channel. If I can get past the 100 subs, maybe the algorithm will start pushing my videos.

One of my past woodcarving projects, Brown Jenkin from H.P. Lovecraft's The Dreams in the Witch House short story.

Lastly, commissions are open if you want to order a custom woodcarving from me. I can sculpt pretty much anything you want (within the limitations of the medium) from sketches, photos or just a description. You can drop me a DM if you are interested.

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If you want to throw a few bucks my way, I would be very grateful. You can send it via my Ko-Fi account. ko-fi.com/alteregosculpt

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The free render package above gives you a limited non-commercial license. If you want to use the rig in a commercial project, you can purchase the rig from Turbosquid at the following link and it will give you the proper license. turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/Alter-Ego-Creations

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The render package with the animatable rig and all of the textures can be downloaded at the following link. It is ready to render using the Arnold renderer. You need Maya 2022 to use this rig. mega.nz/file/NXdVBLxQ#qGPkCLM8kYFJRwigY3VtR83XVwV3h93xkz5xWcJuDe4

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The print package with the poseable print rig, as well as the STL files for all of the poses pictured in the original tweet can be downloaded here: mega.nz/file/NXdVBLxQ#qGPkCLM8kYFJRwigY3VtR83XVwV3h93xkz5xWcJuDe4

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You can order 3D prints from Shapeways at the following links. shapeways.com/shops/alter-ego-creations

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The promo video I made on Youtube for this project: youtube.com/watch?v=piKhV058XWY

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